Potential Investment Profiling
  • Sciencific Validity
  • Regulatory Pathway
  • Financial Modeling
  • Manufacturing Scalablity
  • Available Marketing Potential
  • Combined Risk Analysis
  • Commericalization and Revenue Creation
Innovation Research Grant Support    
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Phase I Drafting
  • Phase I Reviewing
  • Phase II Drafting
  • Phase II Reviewing
  • Combination Mechanism Review
Scientific Support Services    
  • Scientific Venture Evaluation
  • Intellectual Property Review
  • Experimental Analysis Design Review
  • Experimental Validity Review
  • Data Analysis with Biostatistical Analysis

International Commercialization Services    
  • European Bioscience Commercialization Analysis
  • China or Asian Countries Commercialization Analysis
  • Rest of the World Commercialization Analysis
  • Aid with International Partnering

Business Management Services    
  • Operations Pathway Analysis
  • Biotechnology Launch Pathway Design
  • Business Development Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Partner Marketing
  • Investor Marketing

Public Addresses     
Expert Topics   
  • “The Intersection of Innovative Technology and Business”
  • “Commercialization of University Technologies”
  • “Non-traditional Scientific PhD Careers”
  • “Commercialization of US Technologies Internationally”
  • “Bioinspired Technological Innovations”